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Little Martial Arts - We are different

The most difficult thing about martial arts has always been keeping the kids interested. It's a universal problem that almost all clubs suffer from. So much so that most clubs don't even want the very young ones.

The reason is simple - almost all very young kids won't tolerate the traditional teaching methods of learning martial arts that has been practised and handed down for generations. There is definitely a place for that but the very young is not one of them.


Traditional martial arts teaching looks like this:

Very strict discipline for long periods (enforced by punishment like push ups), lots of technical teaching, a very small amount of fun.

No wonder young kids usually only last a month or so.

We look like this:

Lots of FUN, self discipline through goal setting and positive reinforcement, exercise is a reward, skills acquisition via game based drills.

The kids want to come back!

Structured Progress

Each week we focus on an important aspect of martial arts. Although we cover these aspects as part of our normal training, by putting a spotlight on it, it increases focus and the kids retain the skill/information better.

It also keeps the kids excited for each lesson and creates variety in their training.

The following "This Week at Little MA" headings run for 8 weeks and on the 9th week we start the rotation again. It doesn't matter in which week you start, eventually everything will be covered.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see which week we're in.

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