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Little Martial Arts

How much is the trial lesson?

FREE - Just need to find a centre near you and make a booking.

Click Here for locations and times

How much are the sessions?

$18 a week, once a week training.

What does my child wear to the first session?

Something comfortable for them to move around in and bring along a drink bottle.

DRAGONS - Ages 2 & 3

This is FUN!

Parents are on the floor with their kids guiding them through an exciting program of obstacles, martial arts skills and games.

NINJAS - Ages 4/5/6

Done without a parent on the floor (still watching in the same room though)

Still loads FUN, lots of skill based games but much more emphasis on gaining quality martial arts skills.

Can I do a make up class if I miss one?

If your centre runs multiple classes on different days of the week then yes, makeup sessions are available. Make up sessions must be taken within one week either side of the missed session. Missed sessions cannot accumulate.

What if we're away on holidays?

Is there a joining fee?

There is a one off joining fee of $65 and this includes:

Little MA uniform and belt

Little MA drink bottle

Little MA certificate

Little MA carry bag

Memberships can be suspended for a minimum of one month by giving notice in writing with at least two weeks notice.

Can I get a refund if we decide not to go any more?

No refunds.

Cancelling or Suspending

You can cancel or suspend at any time by giving at least two weeks written notice.

Transferring Centres

To transfer centres, please contact

Trainers Qualifications

All Little MA trainers are qualified through our trainers program.

They have first aid and blue cards for working with children.

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